About ReVive Lash & Skin Spa

ReVive Lash and Skin Spa is a St.Charles, Mo full-service spa offering the best in beauty, skin care, eyelash extension, and relaxing massage treatments.
At ReVive we love our guests and we ensure each receives the individualized care and attention they deserve. We listen, we care, and we have a passion for making our guests discover their best them.
Our commitment to our guests is why each of our staff members are experts in their field, undergo additional RevVive training, and continue to seek additional training and education. We believe in care and respect for ourselves, our guests, and our community.
ReVive Lash and Skin Spa extends our service to the community through the donation of our time and our resources in the help of others.
At ReVive, our customers are guests and our guests become family. We hope you’ll visit us for your next treatment or spa day so you can experience the difference of ReVive Lash and Skin Spa. 
~ Angela