FAQ's For Eyelash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions and how are they applied?


We use two types of applications at ReVive:

The first, and most well known technique, is classic extensions, which, has been around for about 13 years. This is where we apply a single pre-curled, black (or brown), synthetic eyelash to each one of your natural lashes. The second, known as volume, has only been in the US since June 2010. This is a method where you take 2-3 much thinner lashes and apply them still to just one natural lash. There is a very specific technique to applying them which gives a very natural, yet quite full, lash line. It is the new favorite among our guests and tends to last a little longer between touch-ups.

PLEASE NOTE: This technique is NOT the same as clusters or flairs which can damage your natural lashes.

Either process will take between one and a half to two hours to complete, depending on the look you are wanting to achieve. 

When you come in for your appointment, we will discuss the type of look you would like.


Will they look natural?

With several different lengths, widths, 
and curls we will be able to create a look that is natural, dramatic, or somewhere in-between. 

Does the application process hurt?

No, your eyes will be closed throughout the process. You may even relax enough to fall asleep.

How often do I need touch-ups?

If applied and cared for properly, your lash extensions will need touch-ups every two to four weeks. The touch-up service will take about 45-60 minutes.


Will I need mascara?

Most clients do not feel they need mascara. However, if you decide to wear it, be sure it is water-based (never water-proof). Apply from the middle of lash to tip (never from root, as this will loosen the eyelash extension bond).

Please note: Using any mascara may shorten the life of your extensions.


Will extensions cause me to lose my natural lashes?

When applied properly, lash extensions will not cause you to lose your natural lashes. You will, however, lose a few natural lashes a day with your natural shedding process.  


How should I arrive for my appointment?


It is best for you to arrive for your appointment with no eye makeup on. We realize that is not always possible, so if you do come in with eye makeup we will be happy to remove it for you. 


How do I care for my lash extensions?

-Do not expose your lashes to water for the first 24 hours. After the adhesive cures, they are water-proof.

-Products containing oils and glycols should be avoided in the eye area. We do offer a makeup remover that is oil/glycol free and safe for extensions at the spa.

-No liquid eyeliner

-No curling, tinting or perming

-No picking or pulling

-No sleeping on your stomach