My Friend Said Eyelash Extensions are Bad for Your Natural Lashes..

Ever hear that eyelash extensions can be bad for your real lashes or even worse your eyes? I always tell our clients that even a mascara wand can be harmful to your eyes or eyelashes. Imagine scratching your eye ball with a mascara wand because you weren't being careful... gives me the heebie geebies just visioning that.

So yes, eyelash extensions, when not applied by a careful certified lash artist can ruin your lashes. For us training and practice lasts for months. We want to be certain that only one of your natural lashes is bonded to each synthetic lash extension or bouquet (when we are doing the volume technique).

It is also imperative that we don't push the envelope on length or diameter, which equates to a heaviness that your lashes may not be able to tolerate. A good lash artist will know how to select the perfect match and will have several options of both length and diameter to maintain your lash health.

The proof is in the pudding...FYI we have clients that have been getting their classic or volume eyelash extensions done with us for 7 years and yet they have never had to take a break from them.

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