Eyelash Extensions-To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse

Avoiding touching your eyelash extensions at all, ever, will make them last longer...or will it?

We find that it is common for eyelash extension wearers to thinking that it is best to not touch their lashes at all. I can see why this would happen, with the list of do's and don't's we inform you of after you have made the investment of an initial full set.

We ask you not to pull or pick them. No rubbing your eyes or using oils or glycols close to the eyes. No smashing your face into a pillow when you are catching some much needed zzz's. The list continues, but after hearing these things our mom instincts kick into gear and we want to baby these extended lashes to keep them looking this beautiful for as long as possible.

Truth is, just like the mane on top of your head, your lashes need to be cleansed on a regular basis usually once every other day.

WHY? You may ask.... Well, if we are not cleansing our lash line we are not clearing away, the dirt, dust and debris that can accumulate day to day. If we are cleaning them, this will prevent the natural lash follicles from being clogged with dead skin cells. Guess what type of hair comes from a clogged follicle.....either a much weaker one or none at all.

By the way, this is true whether you are cleansing eyelash extensions or even if you are just a mascara wearer.

So ladies..Protect that lash line!

After much research and testing ReVive Lash & Skin Spa recommends a very soft fiber-free fan brush and a makeup cleanser from Lashologist Choice which has tea tree essential oil in it to help maintain the lash line. It's a foaming cleanser and one bottle will probably last you 8 months to a year. It also removes eye makeup really well.

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