Summer Care for Your Eyelash Extensions

Okay, it's summer!! There are so many people to see and things to do, and we are especially happy to get moving after being couped up for the winter months.

Many of us feel like we just sweat our makeup off when it is hot and humid and If we aren't sweating it off we are wiping the sweat away taking our foundation and even mascara off or smearing it across our face.

One of the many bonuses to having eyelash extensions on is that they do not sweat off. No smearing, no reapplication after being outside in the exhaustively hot temperature.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when caring for your lashes for the hot humid summer months:

1. Barbecuing with Friends

Be sure that you don't get too close to the grill, especially when the grill or BBQ pit lid is first opened. The level of heat that come from the grill is damaging for even your natural lashes and skin. You most likely will singe your lash extensions if you get them too close.

2. Running, Gardening, or Any Outside Activity Exercise that Causes You to Sweat More

It is okay to sweat. Sweat will not wash away your eyelash extensions. Just be sure to rinse them with water once you are done. We do not want the sweat, oil, or dirt from being out in the heat to sit on the lashes for longer than necessary.

3. Swimming In the Pool, Ocean or Lake

I always get asked if you can swim with your lashes. You absolutely can, eyelash extensions are waterproof. Now, that being said, if you are swimming several laps without googles that could shorten the life of the lashes.

4. Stay Hydrated

We can easily forget to drink enough water in the summertime and the heat can really dehydrate us. If we are not drinking enough water to avoid dehydration, it can really affect the health of our natural lashes and possibly make them more brittle. Drink up!!! And remember, alcohol and caffeinated beverages have the opposite effect of water.

5. Screening the Rays

As you may know, exposure to UVA Rays is the #1 cause of aging skin and increases your risk to skin cancer. So please please please do not skip the sunscreen. However, make sure to use an oil-free one if you will be sweating even a little bit because we do not want any oils near the

eyelash extensions.

So be sure to enjoy your summer and the benefits of your eyelashes while keeping these tips in mind.

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