ReVive Lash & Skin Spa of St. Charles offers an exquisite lash and skin spa experience in a comforting atmosphere that soothes your senses while we beautify, renew, and reVive your body.
Whether you want to renew your skin from the effects of time and the elements, revive your body from the weight of daily stress, or wish to beautify for that special occasion or special someone, ReVive Lash & Skin offers a menu of superior treatments to choose from.



Woman eye lashes

Immerse yourself in luxury and comfort as our spa specialists provide you with the attentive and caring expertise of ReVive Spa.

Treat yourself to one of our specialty treatments or select several and enjoy the spa day you deserve.
  • Relaxing and Relieving Massages

  • Eyelash Extensions by certified Lash Artists

  • A full selection of Waxing using Nufree, the gold standard in treatment

  • Facials, Microdermabrasion, and Peels

  • Tinting

  • Expert Makeup application for special occasions

Skin by Radiance

ReVive offers the best in skin renewal with its advance Radiance PhotoTherapy Treatment. Not a harsh laser treatment, Radiance PhotoTheraphy uses light and soothing heat energy to break away dead skin and stimulate new collagen production. Experience the incredible results of Skin by Radiance


Incredible Eyes with Incredible Lashes


ReVive Lash and Skin Spa are the experts in eyelash extensions. Let the world see your eyes shine and wake up to carefree beauty with our safe and professional eyelash extension services. Say goodbye to mascara and running makeup without any damage to your natural lashes.

The Lash and Spa Leader Because We Care

ReVive Lash and Skin Spa became the leader in spa services because we care, we listen, and we’re always willing to help answer your questions. At ReVive, our experts are committed to continuing education so that they can provide you the best and most caring treatment during your time with us.

Guest Service and Convenience

Whether you have a question, wish to discuss a special accommodation, or simply want to book an appointment, contact one of our guest service experts by phone, by email, through our website messenger, or set your next appointment through our easy online booking service.

Improving the Spa Experience

And because we believe in offering all Spa lovers the best, ReVive Lash & Skin Spa offers expert training in Eyelash Extensions to estheticians and cosmetologists. If you’d like to learn more about our classes visit our training page.

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